4 Benefits Of Installing Door Entry Systems

There are many benefits of installing a sophisticated door entry system in your home or commercial building. There are different types of systems and you should choose the one that perfectly addresses your security requirements. It should also be chosen based on any physical limitations your family members or employees may have.

What is a Door Entry System?

The purpose of a door entry system is to prevent any unauthorised or unknown person from accessing your home or a specific area in a building. Some of the key features that explain its purpose are as follows:

  • These system are usually installed on the front door, records room, parking garage and any area that is considered sensitive
  • You can choose systems with swipe or keypad features
  • You can also find systems that require multiple authentications to open

Benefits of Door Entry Systems

You can benefit from these systems in the following ways:

1. Increased Security

There will no longer be any need to purchase new locks and re-issue new keys to everyone if any keys are lost. Sometimes, residents and employees can move without handing over their key.

If the fobs or cards are ever lost, they can be easily disabled and new ones can be issued. If it is a keypad based system, you will not have to worry about anyone losing the fobs or cards. The code or fobs can be reset or re-programmed, respectively. It is recommended to visit here for more info on the types of locking mechanisms available.

2. Increased Lock Control

Another advantage of installing such locking systems in your home or business place is that there is no more risk of doors being left unlocked. The doors will be automatically locked whenever they are closed. You can also program them to remain open for a specific period of time. Some systems can also be set to get unlocked during emergencies, such as fire.

3. Enable Remote Access

Modern door entry systems are also beneficial for entry doors that are located at a distance from where you are located. For example, if you have an upstairs office. The integrated systems can be such that you can find out who is at the door before opening it. This remote viewing can be allowed through CCTV camera or audio systems.

You will be able to talk to the visitor or view them on a screen before deciding whether to open the door or not. And this can be done without having to walk to the door. This will also prevent hindrances to your work or chores.

4. Zone Access Control

You can use door entry systems to customise zone control access. Whilst you can control access at the main entrance, the system can also allow you to control access to different areas within the building.

The level of customisation can also allow access during specific times of the day. For example, particular people can be allowed to access a door at specific times of the day or night.

Types of Door Entry Systems

As already mentioned, there are different types of door entry systems and you should choose the one that meets your requirements.

The 3 common types of systems are as follows:

  • Autonomous systems
  • Autonomous convertible systems
  • Network access systems

These systems can also be classified to be offline and centralised.

Offline Systems

Offline door entry systems are simpler, easier to install, and more affordable. Very door has a controller and reader. Such systems are recommended to be installed indoors. For example, it can be used to separate visitor and administrator zone within your building.

Centralised Systems

Some of the main advantages of using a centralised access control system are as follows:

  • You can monitor the opening of doors in the real time.
  • There can be a central access control centre for assigning access to rooms and areas.
  • No tampering with a door entry interface can allow access, which may be possible with an offline system.
  • If there is an emergency, central administrator can unlock all the doors.
  • All door opening activities are logged.

Modern access control systems provide much more flexibility and security compared to traditional locking systems. So you should choose the right door entry system after evaluating your needs.

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