A Guide to Working from Home: What you Need to Know

Whether you are still working for the same company and due to the pandemic, you are working from home, or you are a budding entrepreneur who is building a business empire, you are definitely one of a privileged few. Having your living and working space at the same location brings with it a sense of freedom and independence and if you are new to this arrangement, here are a few tips to help with the transition.

Office Options

While the spare room might do temporarily, talk to a company that offers renovations and granny flat construction and they can design the perfect home office and we recommend a stand-along structure, as this gives you much-needed seclusion and you won’t bother house occupants. If your place of work is inside the family home, you are going to be interrupted and working all hours might wake the kids; rather build the perfect office space in the garden and feed the utilities and you can have your own en-suite bathroom.

Broadband Internet Connection

Of course, you need to be online all the time and with a dedicated broadband connection and a Wi-Fi router, you have access from any location in the home. This is essential when working and doing other things; you can work with your iPad while cooking the evening dinner, for example. If the Internet connection is being used by the whole family, make sure the bandwidth is sufficient so as not to interrupt your work.


Most people find it hard to separate work from relaxation when away from the regular office environment, especially at the start, when the novelty value is high. If this is a problem, you need to set certain times aside for your work, which, let’s face it, does pay the bills and put food on the table! It is important to create the right ambience in your workspace and to have no distractions, allowing you to apply yourself 100% to the task at hand.

Office Design & Layout

It is worth spending a little time on your home office design, as you need to have all the items and equipment necessary to work; invest in a top-brand CEO chair and a solid desk – you will spend zillions of hours in this chair, so make sure it’s comfortable.

Once you have experienced working from home, you will never want to return to the regular office environment and if you are running your own business, hopefully, you will never again have to work for someone else.


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