Can Heavy Rainfall Impact Upon Your Drainage System?

The UK experiences its fair share of heavy rainfall, including throughout the summer months. You’d be surprised to find that this kind of weather can have an effect on your drainage system, causing some annoying problems. Your plumbing is designed to control the flow of water through your home, but excess water makes it work harder than it is accustomed to. If you think your drains are struggling to cope during periods of heavy rainfall, local plumbers in Bury St Edmunds suggest having them examined by a professional.

When choosing a company who provide plumbing services in your area, look for some of these characteristics:

  • No callout rates
  • 24-hours, around the clock availability
  • Rapid response times – ideally within 1 hour of calling
  • Years of experience
  • Excellent reputation

How Rain Effects Your Plumbing

You might be wondering how heavy rain can affect your plumbing. Excess water puts a lot of pressure on your pipes, forcing large volumes through that cause cracks and allow debris such as stones and soil to get inside. If debris can enter the system, it can cause blockages and ineffective drainage. Adding strain to the pipes coupled with a build-up of foreign compounds leads to badly damaged pipes.

Reducing the Risk of Blockages

There are ways to protect your pipes during heavy rainfall, you must ensure your rain gutters are clear of dirt, leaves and any other kind of debris. If the water cannot move freely down the gutters, it will start to pool.

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