Mistakes You Should Avoid when Buying a Wooden Table

If you own a house, it is probably the biggest asset in your possession. Then, the car follows closely and furniture completes the list in that order respectively. Though the stakes involved when buying furniture might not be high like when you are purchasing a car, the chances are that you will spend thousands of pounds every year on furniture. Therefore, it is prudent to put the best foot when selecting the furniture for the house

Thinking that Measuring the Wooden Table is enough

One thing that you have to appreciate when buying a table is that you can never measure enough. If the wood table fits the place you want to install it in the house, well, that is a great start. But unfortunately, it might not be enough! If the table is big, you will also need the following measurements:

  • The main door: Establish whether the table will easily go through the main door and other entrances to reach the targeted area.
  • The preferred pathway: Though the table has a lovely appeal, is it too big and occupying the pathways?
  • The other furniture in the room: Though the primary goal is buying a wooden table, the truth is that it will work with other furniture. Therefore, you need to also establish their sizes.

The goal should be measuring everything and thinking about the entire house as opposed to the table under consideration only. If you want the best, make sure to measure more.

Not Factoring your Lifestyle when Selecting the Wooden Table

When a wooden table is advertised on television, social media or other platforms, it looks impressive. However, this does not mean that it will strike the same thrill when installed in the house. If you fail to factor how well the table matches with your lifestyle, the chances are that it will get out of sync a short while after installation.

Think of the number of people who will use the table. If you are four, your wife and two kids, the table should be able to accommodate them. However, consider going for a bigger one that can support additional people. This will make it easy to host friends and relatives without straining.

Other lifestyle considerations to factor include the ability to match with other home furniture and space availability. For example, if space is limited, a foldable table could be better. To make the work easier, consider involving all the family members and working with an expert.

Failing to Factor How Often you need to Change the House Theme

Living in a house with a single theme throughout the year can be boring. It is advisable to change the theme regularly to make the home lively. However, simply picking any wooden table could stand on the way of changing the themes.

Interior décor experts recommend that you have the eyes trained on the different themes of interest even before purchasing a table or other furniture. Then, select a great piece such as Oak table designs that have impressive grains to help you enrich home themes.

Not Thinking about the Wooden Table Maintenance

Though the table is new and looks good when presented in various adverts or showrooms, the fact is that it will age over time. Therefore, it is important to start by thinking about maintenance. Here, the target should be picking a top notch wood table that is easy to maintain. For example, a reclaimed wood table designed from hardened pieces of wood will be highly durable. It will also be easy to maintain.

When evaluating the wood table maintenance, it is prudent to check its design, joints, and firmness. If the design is good and construction is done professionally, the chances are that the table will not break easily. Make sure to ask the seller for a complete maintenance guide when placing the order.


If you want more from a wooden table, it is important to ensure you avoid the mistakes that have made other people live to regret or incur huge losses. If you avoid the above mistakes, your wood table will make the home irresistible.

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