Should I Rent or Buy a Stair Lift?

Stair lifts are an extremely helpful home modification that will help your aging loved one navigate climbing up and downstairs. Rather than worrying about them falling and severely hurting themself, you can find comfort knowing a stair lift will carry them to each level. When you are searching for affordable stair lifts, you may stumble upon the option of renting a stair lift kit rather than purchasing a brand-new or used one. Here are the benefits to both renting and purchasing stair lift kits in Kettering.

Renting a Stair Lift

If you or your loved one has recently undergone surgery, you may not be able to safely climb up or down stairs. Renting a mobility stair lift in Kettering is an extremely beneficial option if the situation is temporary. While you or your close relative/friend heals from surgery, you can find comfort in a stair lift. Once you or your loved one is fully healed, you can simply call the supplier to remove the mobility lift from your or their home.

If you are planning on having an aged family member or loved one stay at your house for a short time period, you may also want to consider renting a stair lift. You will not need a permanent solution to mobility issues, so renting a stair lift is less expensive.

Owning a Stair Lift

Aging is irreversible. When you age, your mobility decreases. Renting a stair lift is costly if you are looking for a more permanent solution. Monthly and lease fees will soon greatly exceed the total cost of a stair lift. If you are looking for a permanent solution, owning a stair lift is a more financially responsible decision.

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