Tips on Preparing Household Items for a Rental Storage Unit

In today’s changing world there are many instances where individuals or families make the choice to pack up their lives and move all of their personal belongings into a storage unit for an extended period of time. More and more people are deciding to travel abroad, attend university far from home or move into their parent’s basement suites in order to save for their own homes. These and many other situations create a scenario where a rental unit is needed.

Packing your household items in order to move them into storage is very different than packing to relocate to another home and bringing your stuff along with you. There are more things to consider as you are paying more or less depending on how large a unit you need. It is also necessary to take the time to find a storage company that is cost-effective and professional. In the Kootenays, Nelson movers can help with this. Here are some tips for you to prepare your move.

  1. Research Facilities in the Area

Not all storage companies offer the same services and some are more reputable than others. Prices can vary among businesses and getting the most bang for your buck can take a little research. Word of mouth is always a good or spending some times looking at reviews. Also call the different options in town and ask questions about how they run their business. Some companies even offer services that help you pack the house and move it to their storage units.

  1. Choose a Unit that Works for You

If you are not planning on using storage for an extended length of time you may not find it necessary to rent a climate controlled unit however be aware that your belongings may be subjected to moisture and dust that can lead to mildew and even mould. Though there are things you can do to safeguard your belongings it is probably a better idea to go with a unit that has climate control as everything will be protected and kept dry and free from dust build up.

  1. Know What is Restricted

There are items that are not allowed to be stored in warehouse facilities so be sure you know what is restricted before packing your things. Any materials that are hazardous or flammable such as gas and paint thinners are restricted as well as food, animals or plant items. Be sure to ask the storage company you plan on using what they restrict and be sure to follow their guidelines in order to ensure there a no problems down the road you will have to deal with.

  1. Decide What is Worth Storing

It is very important to go through your home and be very diligent about getting rid of items you no longer need. There is no point in paying to keep items you will recycle or donate later on. If your coffee table has seen better days or you have been wanting to replace your living room set this might be the time to pass it on. As you are paying for space used it is wise to not store a lot of personal items that are not worth it.

  1. Pack Carefully

How you pack your belongings can really affect how quickly you fill a space up. Once you have sorted and purged get some containers or boxes and be sure to choose ones that are of similar sizes so they fit together nicely. Also consider using see-through plastic containers so you can easily see what is inside in case you need to pop in and get something. If using boxes make sure to label them clearly.

  1. Create an Inventory

Once you have boxed up and organized what you plan to put into storage you should make yourself an inventory list. Without this you may forget what you have stored. It might even be an idea to write down what each box contains. Being organized here might help you avoid headaches down the road especially if you storing for years while way on an extended holiday. Keep one list with you and one in the unit.

  1. Pack the Unit Strategically

As there is a limited amount of space be sure to be strategic when you pack the unit. Put like boxes and containers together and consider placing larger, heavier items at the back. Have the boxes you may need access to in front and be sure to not waste any space as you place your personal belongings inside.

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