Using Raised Toilet Seats to Avoid Toilet Accidents

Something which is generally not given a second thought, are Toilets and their height!

Generally speaking, Toilets are positioned low, at a height that is comfortable for most users to access with ease that is, unless the user is elderly, suffering from a disability whether temporary or permanent and/or requires assistance to access the toilet. The low height of the toilet in this case, would be a cause of concern when it comes to constant pressure on muscles and joints which may leave users unsteady on their feet.  To mitigate this risk and issue, using a raised toilet seat would be a good consideration as these can easily be installed on an existing toilet bowl and reduce the distance that a user needs to cover in order to sit and stand up from a toilet.

What happens if the seat level is raised?

Raising the height of toilet seat by a few inches makes a huge difference to those who have may otherwise require assistance using the toilet, restoring their dignity and privacy, allowing them to access the toilet more independently.

Different types: The elevated toilet seats are classified depending on the following factors. Choose one depending on your usage and comfort level.

  • Levels of elevation

The height can be raised from 2 to 6 inches of the original seat height. Deciding on the height entirely depends on the mobility and height of the person using it. If you are unsure about deciding on the height, there are seats with adjustable widths and heights.

  • Build material

The most common material used is heavy-duty plastic (PVC) and rubber. The plastic raised toilet seats come fitted with adjustable brackets, which allows for greater compatibility across different toilet bowls. On the other hand, rubber raised toilets seats can simply be placed over a standard toilet bowl without the need to use screws. This makes rubber raised toilet seats portable that can be used by disabled persons outside their home.

  • With or without cover

Raised toilet seats come with and without covers or lids to suit the individual preferences of a user.

  • Support arms

Raised toilet seats are equipped with arms to give a person extra support to sit and rise from the toilet bowl. The frames used for support are generally made with heavy duty metal and can take the users complete body weight.

  • Fixed or portable

These toilet aids come in both fixed and a portable options. The latter are generally made with rubber or PVC and can simply be placed over a standard toilet bowl. Portable raised toilet seats work just as well as the fixed ones and can easily be carried along for use outside the home.

There are plenty of options available when it comes to raised toilet seats, it is important that a user determines their needs and tests the raised toilet seat prior to purchasing one.

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